SGT Studio: Second round of applications

The second round of applications for SGT Studio 2022 (Periods III-V) is open until Thursday 16.12 midnight for anyone interested to work with global real-life challenges in Africa, Asia or Latin America to apply!

WAT-E2070 Sustainable Global Technologies Studio is a collaborative studio course where multidisciplinary teams carry out projects linked to reallife global development challenges. Assignments are implemented with partners from academia, industries, governmental and civil society organizations and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 


During the next spring term 2022, four cases will be organized:

  • PBL South Asia Bhutan- Environmental sustainability in Bhutan.
  • Action LAB Mexico- Preservation of the Mayan architectural heritage, access to an adequate healthcare system, access to sufficient clean water and strengthening of the current touristic activities and infrastructure.
  • UNHCR Brazil- Global humanitarian challenges and how the living conditions of the worlds displaced people could be improved. Reference site in a refugee camp in the State of Roraima in Brazil.
  • AgriScale- Agro-entrepreneurship management in Zambia.


The deadline for all applications is on December 16th 2021. Find more detailed information about the application procedure here.