SGT Studio 2023: Apply now!

Are you dreaming about working on global humanitarian challenges with a UN agency? Do you want to work on environmental sustainability with partners from Bhutan? How about promoting well-being in a Mayan community in Mexico, or co-learning with Ugandan peers?

The start of a new academic year signifies two things to Aalto’s Sustainable Global Technologies Programme team: the anticipation to kick off the programme’s first course, State of the World and Development lecture series, and finalizing plans with international partners to allow the commencement of SGT Studio in the Spring term. Now that both are crossed off the to-do list, we are ready to announce the Call for Applications to SGT Studio 2023.

What is SGT Studio?

WAT-E2070 Sustainable Global Technologies Studio is a collaborative course where diverse teams carry out projects linked to global development challenges situated in the real-world. The projects are implemented in collaboration partners from academia, industries, governmental and civil society organizations and communities in various parts of the world.

During Spring 2023, four cases will be organized on various themes ranging from environmental sustainability to humanitarian issues: SGT Case Bhutan, Action LAB Mexico, UNHCR Brazil, and AgriSCALE Uganda.

How to apply?

Application documents include PDFs of CV, study transcript and motivation letter outlining the applicant’s role, skills and vision for the project. Applicants can apply to one or many cases in priority order. The deadline for all applications is 16 October 2022 . Find more detailed information about the cases and application procedure in MyCourses.

Who is SGT Studio for?

SGT Studio is open for master’s and doctoral level students from all fields interested in global challenges and learning for sustainability. Candidates with prerequisite courses (SGT, UniPID, WitLAB courses etc.) or relevant similar background have priority. Five students will be selected for each team.

Where to find information about past cases?

SGT Studio participants have been implementing cases with local and international partners for around 15 years. If you are interested to see outputs of students from 2022 or view the themes and locations past students have worked with, you can find them on our website.

If you wish to see a snippet of the more personal learning experience of students participating in SGT Studio projects, you can take a look at mood video of a student team’s journey to Nepal, created by Csongor Hőnich.