SGT in the exhibition at the Museum of Finnish Architecture

Celebrating 25 Years of Education in Global Sustainability & Humanitarian Development at Aalto University
26.9.2018 – 24.2.2019 Museum of Finnish Architecture

Aalto LAB Mexico, photo by Jan Ahlstedt

The exhibition presents also examples from Aalto University’s SGT studio course, where students form multidisciplinary teams to carry out projects linked to global development challenges. Key learnings are to start recognizing one’s own skills and expertise as part of a multidisciplinary team and to be able to integrate the diversity of knowledge from disciplines such as engineering, business, design and architecture into a one solid result. The outlined learning outcomes include many transferable skills such as teamwork, project management, communication and community interaction.

The assignments are designed with partners from academia, industries, government and civil society organizations and communities. In best cases, the work of a student team leads to a follow-up student project, academic research or further to implementation by the local partners.


  • Museum of Finnish Architecture
  • Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture
  • Aalto University School of Engineering, Department of Built Environment

Project Team

  • Matleena Muhonen, curating
  • Maiju Suomi, exhibition design
  • Johanna Marttila, project assistant
  • Salla Bedard, graphics and book layout
  • Timo Vikkula, museum technician/exhibitions

Exhibition Programme

Tuesday 25.9, 5 pm, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Lecture: Tomà Berlanda, Director and Professor, School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics, University of Cape Town, South Africa: Cultural Interplays between Empathy and Respect

Wednesday 24.10, 6 pm, Museum of Finnish Architecture
Round table addressing the themes of the exhibition moderated by Saija Hollmén, architect, curator of the exhibition and Vice Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Wednesday 21.11, 6 pm,  Museum of Finnish Architecture
Lecture: Professor Esther Charlesworth, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia:
Architects Without Frontiers: War Reconstruction and Design Responsibility