Uponor sponsors SGT Nepali team

Finnish rooted company Uponor sponsors SGT Nepali team in spring term 2018.

Uponor is a listed company with its head office in Vantaa, Finland and has existed for nearly one-hundred years. Uponor is a leading global provider of systems and solutions in the fields of hygienic drinking water delivery, energy-efficient heating and cooling and reliable infrastructure. They provide hygienically safe drinking water as well as energy-efficient heating and cooling. The company has committed itself to sustainability and the goal of making people’s lives more pleasant.

”Nepali is a 5-month practical student project on communication practices in post-disaster reconstruction focusing on the earthquake recovery in Nuwakot and Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. The team will collect and analyse successfully adopted sustainable reconstruction solutions and communication practices used in sharing information about those solutions after the 2015 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal.

The project started out with a background study of the reconstruction issues in Nepal, sustainability in reconstruction and communication practices among the Nepalese people. In March 2018, the team traveled to Nepal for field research, interviewing local inhabitants and actors in the field of reconstruction, visiting and collecting data from the case sites. By gathering information about the ways of communication and the best practices in sustainable reconstruction, the team will then propose a framework of relations between communication practices and knowledge adoption of sustainable reconstruction solutions.”

Read more on Uponor’s page: https://www.uponor.com/company/news/news-items-global/team-nepali

Nepali team blog: www.nepali.fi