SGT Studio at the Aalto Festival May 21

Stories from Nepal, East Africa and Mexico – SGT Studio Final Presentations

  • Time: Monday 21 May, 09:00 – 13:00
  • Place: Harald Herlin Learning Center, Makerspace, Otaniementie 9
  • No registration / Free

This year multidisciplinary student teams from Aalto’s SGT Studio course and project countries worked together with six different development challenges in five countries. The projects focused on sustainable reconstruction after earthquake in Nepal, sanitation in Dar es Salaam informal settlements, water services in rural Kenya, plastic waste up-cycling in Kampala, Uganda and continued the work of Aalto Lab Mexico in two Mayan villages contributing to water quality testing and eco-tourism activities. Student teams’ stories from the field, learnings and project proposals are presented and discussed on a public event at the Aalto Festival on May 21. Event language is English.

Aalto Festival is an annual event showcasing the many talents of Aalto University.