Mentor Speaks: Raymond, PBL East Africa, Uganda

Raymond, a lecturer from CEDAT, Makerere University has been a part of PBL East Africa, Uganda projects since its inception in Uganda in 2016. He shares his experience being a mentor in the PBL projects.

Mentor, Makerere University
PBL East Africa, Uganda


I joined the PBL project, after my participation in the multidisciplinary UniWASH project as a mentor of both Makerere University and Aalto University students. With my learning experience in the practical multidisciplinary fieldwork  in Problem based and student-driven projects amongst Makerere and Aalto University (multinational) students, my favorite moments were fieldwork, engagement with multinational students, mentor sessions between Makerere and Aalto University and the workshops in Helsinki, Dar, and Nairobi. There were great learning experiences from other Universities.

”Main takeaways from the projects for me were the approach to learning, the student-driven project, and the nature of all the projects”


My main takeaways from the projects have been the problem based learning, the student-driven project approach, and the nature of all the projects. The approach of Makerere’s students’ pitching and assessment of projects is another takeaway in terms of methodology.

For the future mentors and students of PBL teams, I would suggest more time to be given to Fieldwork between universities and multinational student teams. I have words of appreciation to the Project funders, Board, coordinators, the Makerere, and Aalto Universities’ students, and mentors for the great work during all the collaborations.